As a leader in its field, Petroyag Lubricants established its Integrated Management System in 2007, setting policies to guide and manage a quality workplace for its employees and customers.

With policies covering Quality, Occupational Health, Environmental, Information Security and Customer Satisfaction, the Company continues to work towards the continual enhancement and improvement of its Management Systems. As a Company experiencing rapid growth early on, the integration of international management systems was the next natural step to foster further expansion.

After obtaining the ISO 9001 certification, Petroyag Lubricants continued to enrich its Management Systems with the following certifications: OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001, TS EN ISO/IEC 17025, ISO 10002 and ISO 27001.

Our Company is committedto; Creating and fostering an environment that ensures a full application of our management policies, which have been established in order to meet the expectations of all stakeholders, Providing all resources required to ensure the smooth operation of our management systems and the satisfaction of all stakeholders; Fulfilling any legal obligations and regulations, and additionally working to communicate the importance of meeting the needs of customers internally to our employees in such a way that they embrace this as a value; Addressing any legal obligations and current regulations relating to our field as a necessity, and to fulfil these needs based on the principle of Information Security.

Our Company ensures that the customers’ needs are relayed and understood at an organisational level.

With established management policies in place, Petroyag Lubricants sets the industry standard, showing a commitment to the continual improvement of its Integrated Management Systems, and thereby a commitment to all its stakeholders.

As Petroyag Lubricants, one of our key missions is to help improve the productivity of our customers. As we ramp up our own Company performance, we strive to deliver on this objective.

We commit to:

  • Training our employees in the areas of quality, cost, productivity, customer orientation and occupational health and safety,
  • Abide to all legal and other applicable requirements,
  • Protect the health of our employees, visitors and the local community through the elimination of risks related to occupational health and safety,
  • Protect the environment through the reduction of natural resource losses and waste,
  • Prevent any discrepencies from materialising in our work and in the unlikely event of a mistake, to work to ensure it will not be repeated,
  • Work to achieve full customer satisfaction,
  • Address any issues in due time with the involvement of our entire scope staff,
  • Support our customers after their purchase through our post-sales technical services,
  • Establish and adhere to information security standards,
  • Provide the resources required to consistently improve the effectiveness of our management system.




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