PETROYAG Lubricants

Petroyag Lubricants was established in 1993 in order to supply the domestic production market with industrial lubricant. Since its inception, Petroyag Lubricants has become a driving force in meeting the needs of the industry through the development of new products, and creation of new application fields for them.

Holding a 22% share in the domestic industrial lubricant market, the Company provides industrial enterprises with sales, consultancy and post-purchase services for their lubricant needs

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Going beyond a commitment to meeting the industry’s raw material needs, Petroyag Lubricants strives to provide the sector with tailor-made solutions through the design and development of specialised industrial lubricants. Since starting its journey in 1993, the business has grown its total sales volume to 50 thousand tonnes in just three decades, and today provides services to more than fifteen different sectors.

As a leading player in the industrial field, Petroyag Lubricants works with some of the world’s top base oil refineries, in addition to global lubricant brand representatives across field specialisations, to export to more than 40 countries.

Building on its already impressive growth trajectory, Petroyag Lubricants is on a mission to increase its global export network to 60 countries, while expanding its domestic activities to meet 30 % of Turkey’s industrial oil consumption needs.

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With continued investments in the development of its talented team and advanced production facilities, the Company is focused on providing its clients with a superior customer experience, now and in the future. By correctly identifying customer needs and delivering timely solutions, Petroyag Lubricants will continue to grow and differentiate itself in the industry.

Recognised for its expertise, efficiency and ability to provide consistent quality across its entire product range, Petroyag Lubricants has made R&D investments a part of its DNA. Thereby, supporting its endeavour to grow its own market and become the market leader.




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