petroyag laboratuvar

petroyag laboratuvar

Thanks to its know-how, advanced lab facilities and expert team, Petroyag Lubricants is a leader in the field of R&D. This is strengthened by its customer focus and innovative approach. Over the years, Petroyag Lubricants’ effective analysis of the industrial fields to which it supplies raw materials and its ability to meet their needs with precision has resulted in the Company working with an expert R&D team, both in Turkey and internationally.

Collaborating with academics and the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK) in 2015, the Petroyag Lubricants brand has gained significant strength and continues to keep ahead of technological developments in the global lubricants industry.

With the technical support and on-site visits provided by our R&D department, coupled with the integration of client company representatives in the R&D and design process, Petroyag Lubricants strives to meet the oil-related development needs and expectations of companies in the sector, ensuring a high-level of effectiveness and continuity.

Petroyag Lubricants has brought a new perspective to the industry with its internationally accredited lab, new designs, work in the field of bio-chemistry and the new lubricating additive packages produced from organic syntheses.

Maintaining its laboratories with the latest technologies and in line with the continually evolving TS EN ISO/IEC 17025 competency accreditation specifications, Petroyag Lubricants carries out its R&D activities with speed, precision and an even greater level of reliability.


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