Petroyağ continues its investments with international growth strategy

Petroyağ Lubricants, having completed 26 years in the field of industrial oils, is one of the leading manufacturers in Turkey with more than 21 percent market share. The company continues to create added value for the national economy.

Petroyağ continues to develop with new investments in the areas of R&D, export and branding despite the contraction and recession in Turkish economy, and becomes a prominent brand in the international arena with the solutions it offers for niche areas.

Petroyağ, having the first Ministry-approved R&D center in the field of industrial oils, continues to work systematically to ensure the joint progress of academic studies with industry and to create employment opportunities for the bright minds of our country by establishing university-industry cooperation, which developed countries achieve very successfully. As a result of this vision, Petroyağ develops innovative and competitive products in its R&D center, carries out innovative projects and thus takes firm steps towards becoming a preferred brand in the international market.

Especially in the last 4 years, Petroyağ attaches more importance to exports and makes its operational investments in this direction. The company currently exports to 37 countries and offers products that meet the needs of many sectors, such as aluminum, iron-steel, textiles, cosmetics, aviation, plastic, heavy industry and food. Growing its service network and geography in a controlled manner, Petroyağ aims to increase its ratio of exports in production to over 30 percent.

Petroyağ invests in Georgia

In line with its growth strategy abroad, Petroyağ invests in Georgia and aims to turn this country into an important center in its distribution network.

“With our investment in Poti, Georgia, we aim to make efficient use of the railway and logistics facilities in the region. This will be a gateway to Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. There is substantial demand in this region especially in the last 3 years. We understand that industrial investments in these countries have gained great momentum. Our goal is to increase our market share in these countries by responding quickly to the demands coming from the region,” says Ünal Soysal, Chairman of the Board, Petroyağ.

Soysal notes that they will continue to make investments and says, “We aim to establish a production base in Eastern Europe as our second investment by following the same model we applied in Poti, and to increase our market share in these countries. We would like to commission a center in this region by 2020.”

“In addition to these investments and investment plans, we also focused on overseas fairs related to our field. We have actively participated in fairs for the last three years. Thanks to these events, we attracted substantial demand and established new collaborations. We use these demands to understand which sectors are more active and powerful in which countries and focus more on these areas.”

Petroyağ broke its own export sales record in 2018, and continues to grow unaffected by the contraction in the domestic market as a result of its investments for exports. It plans to increase its export volume by investing in branding and R&D.

Being aware of the fact that product quality as well as brand awareness and institutionalization are the essential factors of being a global player, Petroyağ takes important steps in this field as well. The company uninterruptedly continues its brand investments with the aim of becoming a recognized brand not only in Turkey but also all around the world.

Petroyağ is included in the ISO second 500 list in the last decade and goes higher in the ranking every year. It keeps on working to become a recognized and preferred industrial brand, create more jobs and contribute to the development of Turkish economy.


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