trafo yağları

Transformer oils are known as transformer insulation oils that are generally refined naphtanic base oil and have immense electrical isolation and high thermal stability properties. Transformer oils are usually used in preventing corona and sparks in power and distribution transformers, as well for cooling them.

Petroyag Lubricants and the world’s leading transformer oil supplier, Apar merged forces in 2007 to begin making a mark selling sell high quality transformer oil in Turkey.

HYVOLT POWER OIL 60UX is an inhibited transformer oil (containing an anti-oxidation additive) that complies with TEIAS new insulation oil purchase requirements, introduced in February 2011, and international specifications: IEC 60296:2012.

Synthetic transformer insulation oils, which conform to international standards, are used to provide safer working conditions and in parallel, facilitate new applications to support technological development. These 100% bio-degradable, human and environmentally friendly products are designed to meet the expectations and needs of our customers.


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